NORBERT DUKA was born in Hungary in 1941 and began to study doublebass at 14. At 16 he was accepted to the Franz-Liszt-Academy in Budapest and studied with Prof. Zoltan Tibay, winning first prize of the academy's competition at 17. Following his studies he performed at several Jazz-Festivals in Europe with amongst others Leo Wright, Carmell Jones and Slide Hampton. He finally continued his studies of classical doublebass at the Musikhochschule Berlin with amongst others Prof. Rainer Zepperitz. At present Nor­bert Duka was doublebassist with the German Opera Berlin, where he was appointed Chamber Musician in 1984.

Along with his orchestra work he has performed numerous solo-concerts both nationally and internationally and has made many radio Performances. His recording of three Hoffmeister-Stringquartets with solobass has created a worldwide Sensation and has been acclaimed enthusiastically in both musicpress and -world. His recently released Compact Disc again proves his virtuosity and the great flexibility of the double-bass when played by a gifted virtuoso. Norbert Dukas primary aim is to extend the acoustical and expressive possibilities of the doublebass thus making it comparable to the more common solo instruments. He plays on a fine, old Italian Master Instrument of the eighteenth Century.

He not only performs works originally written for the doublebass but also falls back upon transcription of compositions written for violin and Violoncello to extensively ex-haust the versatility and possibilities of his instrument. Several contemporary composers have dedicated works to Norbert Duka and he is continuously striving for new compo­sitions to be written for the doublebass.

In the pedagogical field Norbert Duka is very active also having for instance been guest lecturer for the Young German Philharmonie several times. Many of his students have entered positions in great orchestras after their studies with him.